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We believe that every person with a disability should live independently

in their community.

We help people remain in their homes by assisting in negotiations with landlords about accessibility issues.

We are helping a disabled veteran who has been without an elevator for over a month. He lives on the sixth floor.

You can help us to get out the word when these issues occur.

Like and share news stories on social media about this and other issues we are working on.

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We believe that persons with disabilities have the right of dignity of risk, which is the right to make decision even if those decisions may turn out to be wrong just like any other human being.

We helped an 18-year-old to be able to prove to Social Security and her guardian that she was able to budget and manage her own expenses each month. We used a six-week financial management program that she completed to receive a certificate. This allowed Social Security to release her from her guardian and for her to manage her own affairs.

You can be an ally by keeping up with and supporting our mission. You can like our Facebook page and share our posts or make a donation so that we can continue to advocate for others.

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We believe that no family should have to deal with important decisions about

their child’s education without

an advocate who is knowledgeable

about rules and regulations.

We have assisted a number of parents and students with issues related to schools such as athletic participation, accommodations, IEP and assistance with legal issues.

You can help us make local schools stay compliant with proper accommodations for students with disabilities.

Like our Facebook page and share our posts to spread the word.

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